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If you're looking for high quality and personal tutoring, lets make it happen. At Math Help with Nature, we'll give you the attention and personal tutoring  you'll come to expect and enjoy. 
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                        In the Spotlight
                        My friend Michael Moschen

One of the world's most visionary performing artists, MICHAEL MOSCHEN, juggler without compare, has revolutionized this ancient circus art and turned it into a mesmerizing form of theatre.  

Critically acclaimed by such leading media as the Los Angeles Times and The New York Times who have called his work "genius," "exhilarating virtuoso entertainment" and "flawless purity." 

Incorporating the rich beauty of art, science, physics and mathematics this MacArthur Fellow has, for the first time, added unique audience participation to a show of creative, fantastic and impossible feats of manipulation and illusion. 
Tutoring Videos this Week: Congruent Angles & Finding area of a Triangle
Mrs. Climis's Corner
​Math Word Of Month 

What is it?
It is the distance or length of a geometry figure around its sides or edges
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